Surprising Stories

#33, September 2013

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Cover by Rachaela Di Rosaria

>All Poem Photoart by Eric Thiel

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“Don’t be too surprised that we’re still here.”







The illusion of lewis carroll by Lawrence Dagstine

A study in authorship.        Art by Jay Berkowitz

Deus Ex Machina     by Dr, Robin Aaron Bright, PhD

An intervention by the gods, classically.>               

Serendipity     by Paul Carlson
It just happened to be there, that’s all>                  Art by Lars Etn

 Stratosphere    by  Hilda M. Diaz
ff we go into the wild, blew yonder.        Art by Ramos Fumes

Alien Bride by Bob Bolin     
Not quite as alien as all that, though.    Art by Peter Zenger

Gordon   by Daniel Slaten
Which him was whom, and which did he prefer?        Art by Patrick Ijima-Washburn

Rhoda the Red     by    Holli Hottwatt
Have we a new super-adventurer here?       Art by Bob Veon

Circuit Debugger by   Matthew Senkowski
Autopia—a nice place to visit, but you didn’t want to live there.     Art by Elias Garza

Situran by  Peter Zenger
An authentic space opera, if you haven’t ever seen one and want to.    Art by Peter Zenger

An Urban Fairy Tale by Donald J. Levit
Not so easy to maintain in today’s metropolis.    Art by Esmiralda

Heretic  by  R. W. Marino
What’s one of those really like?    Art by Ramos Fumes



Help! I Can't Breed! by Dr. Robin Aaron Bright, PhD.


Internet Filmmakers: Interviews

End of the World Poetry

Future Music: the work of Alex Storer

Video Arcades by Jeffery Marzi



The Computer Corner with Jeffery Marzi

The Traders Nook ads to your liking


The Off-Center Viewpoint    by  Joe Napolitano

Rambling to Tomorrow by Marian Powell

The Spaced-Out Library Elmwood Kraemer on books

Printout: reader correspondence



Time Travelers, Check Your Baggage by Owen Lorion

Rising Above    by Joseph Verrilli

Dragons   by Lorraine Tolliver

Genesis by Louise Webster

Hecate by Anne Valley

“MOMENTS” IN TIME   by  Norman J. Jewell

Eternally Yours by Carmen Willcox

Too Beautiful to Waste by Steve Sneyd

“Hellsgate” by  Norman J. Jewell

And For His Next Trick by Hans Ostrom

The Emerald Mermaid by  Louise Webster

Extending Beyond by Debra Anne Chapman

Moon Man by Gary Every

Agents of Creation by Joanne Tolson


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