Being a column of letters from hoi polloi (the people)






     It’s not always possible to have an active, thriving mail room. For the last issue, for example, we received absolutely no responses. That’s not altogether true, but it’s more satisfying to state it that way. There is no explanation for our not getting any reactions. Think about it, now..none. It might be that there is similarly no explanation for our getting only a few responses. If your explanation, which would constitute a response, I’ll point out, is that we are getting interference, try to phrase it in such a way as not to suggest that we are ourselves the interference we are receiving.

     There are, that being said, as the newest fad in phraseology puts it, two responses that are long enough to be considered comments on the zine.


Marian Powell: I thought you’d like this comment from Whortleberry Press: “Cheers for your column—quite interesting, on the changes at Analog. And cheers for Surprising Stories—I like them already. A suggestion—put their URL here from time to time so we will remember to check them out.  And finally, cheers for you and your dad, who got you started on the right reading path.”


Matthew Senkowski: You guys rock. Dudes, brothers, compadres, making sci-fi from leagues and fathoms away. I hope you see the sincere awesomeness of your digital domain. Keep it hip. I’m digging your stories. Good crop of talent in your May ish. Keep rocking out those issues with your bro, cause we need guys like you out there in la-la-land.

     It’s comments like these that make our day—or days, is what is actually involved.