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What we have planned for you next issue is a bang-up issue with plenty of what it takes. “God As Scientist” by Berend ter Borg should do it for a lot of readers; you might say the title speaks for itself. “Snowbound” by Lawrence Dagstine will chill your toes and leave a lot of people feeling the way the title suggests, considering the difficulties other than snow in escaping the bondage. “The Other” by karl Watson concerns Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals. And “The Quest for Quivera” by Gary Every has an unknown history to be checked over for its probability. Then there’s “Galactic Guardian” by Robin Bright, whom you know from his story in this issue, and another look at Autopia is had by Matthew Senkowski, of whom the same may be said. Thanks for the time spent in giving your consideration to what we’ll have in the next issue.

Guidelines for Potential Writers

Here are some tips for people who wish to contribute fiction to Surprising Stories. Always remember to have a decent form for your stories, and then keep these things in mind: a) Your main character should be a social disaffiliate. If you have several main characters, they should be losing contact with the main body of their enterprise. b) When a meal is served to the characters, it should be either fast food or an exotic and eccentric menu, or home made out of inadequate supplies. Try to get the reader to speculate what else they could be having. c) ETs should be physiologically inferior, but with some super advantage over Earthlings, be it inherent or bestowed. d) Be sure to have Earthmen take their worst problems with them when they travel to other planets or the stars. e)  Make your scientific gadgetry usable as weapons or as instruments of torture. When characters discuss the principles involved, be sure it is during a high speed crisis; they should all be able to rebuild their paraphernalia if they don’t die. Or, if you prefer, just write anything that comes to mind that you feel like writing in any style that suits you.

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