Rising Above (Beyond the Fire)

Joseph Verrilli


That's not the beginning of the end/
that's a return to yourself/
the return to innocence
- Enigma,
"Return to Innocence"

Her story was told
in someone else's words
her mushrooming misadventures
on her oblique path
to enlightenment

But it parallels
my own strange rocky path
to the same destination
and while she transcended
the obstacles
the surreal detours
and all the single-minded
to distract her
from seeing it through
to the threshold
she retained her optimism
like the very air
she breathed
her all-pervasive sense
of innocence awe wonder
in her very child-like way---

I am still journeying
hanging on to the very same
to endure this firestorm
of obstacles detours distractions
that are still testing
my resolve
this inferno this time of trials
that can overwhelm
my spirit

She has dwelled within me
for a veritable lifetime
this child of the universe
who achieved her goal
by remembering
what was vital and important
never allowing the journey
to change her
from who she was meant
to be

She is still with me
and that is my comfort
and guiding light
shining with more clarity
and sense f purpose
than any star in the cosmos

Her story is mine
and mine us