The Computer corner

 No More WebTV

By Jeffery Marzi


     WebTV is going off the Internet; going offline!

     In July I got an email from my home internet MSN servers, saying that on September 30, 2013, MSN will have WebTV off the net.

     Just over a year ago I was thinking of buying a spare Web TV Two unit. The price of a rebuilt is the same as that of a laptop. GET LOST!! Thank you JESUS I did not buy a spare unit because on September 30th it will be no good and money down the drain.

     Why is MSN taking Web TV off? Because it’s old technology. Web TV started back in 1996 and I started using it in 1999. But first it was Web TV. Then it became MSN networks.

     But now the technology on the Internet has evolved. It was going a lot faster and Web TV could not keep up and could not be updated.

     Now I am going to purchase a new laptop instead.