Moon Man

By Gary Every

The wheels of the lunar rover

Lifted above the rocky ledge

And for just a second

The clumsy vehicle launched

Itself into space. Airborne!

The astronaut giggled. Was that

The right term for a planet

Without atmosphere? Gloved hands

Fought the steering wheel

As the tires kicked up moondust

And the lunar rover chugged

To the edge of the precipice.


The astronaut parked his vehicle

And checked his watch. While

He waited he mused that there

Would never have been a flat

Moon society, because from

Anywhere on the surface, one

Could view the horizon curve

Into a sphere. FLASH! It was

The moment he’d been awaiting.

A blinding burst of light

Assaulted his eyes, and then

The sunrise was over. With no

Atmosphere to diffuse the light

Sunrise and sunset

Were total and instantaneous.


Off in a center of the heavens

The Earth floated like a big blue

Marble in the sky. His home planet

Looked so very soft and tiny

And fragile amongst the vast

Starscape, that it made him

So homesick he wanted to cry.

He closed his eyes and discovered

An amazing thing. That the sense

Of balance of a human being

Is so finely tuned to the Earth’s

Eyes you fall right over. He fell

Down on his derriere, a cloud

Of moondust floating around

His spacesuit. He never imagined

That he’d be the last man to step

On the moon, or that his comrades

Died one by one in their old age,

That he would be the last man left

On Earth to remember stepping

On another planet.  That he’d be

The last man alive to have seen

The beauty of a bright blue marble

Hovering alone and fragile

In the heavens.